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SEL | 前沿讲座:Taste as a driver for the green transition 8月19日在线开讲

论文标题:前沿讲座:Taste as a driver for the green transition 8月19日在线开讲

期刊:Soil Ecology Letters



报告题目:Taste as a driver for the green transition

主讲:Ole G. Mouritsen 教授(University of Copenhagen)

主持:朱永官 院士(Soil Ecology Letters主编)

报告时间:2022年8月19日 16:00(北京时间)


Ole G. Mouritsen PhD DSc is a physicist and professor emeritus of gastrophysics and culinary food innovation at the University of Copenhagen. He is an elected fellow of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, the Danish Gastronomical Academy, Sigma Xi, and Gastronomische Academie Deutchlands. He is president of the Danish Gastronomical Academy and was the founding director of the Danish national center for taste Taste for Life and national center of excellence MEMPHYS-Center for Biomembrane Physics. He is the author of several scientific books and about 400 scientific papers and reports, in addition to being recipient of a number of prestigious science and science communication prizes. He is passionate about Japanese food culture and is appointed Japanese Cuisine Goodwill Ambassador. He was knighted to the Order Dannebrogsordenen in 2012 and the Japanese Order of the Rising Sun as a Commander was bestowed upon him in 2017. In his spare time, he cooks, collaborates with chefs, furthers his knowledge of all aspects of food, and writes articles and books about the science of food and taste, including English editions Sushi: Food for The Eye, the Body, and the Soul (2009), Seaweeds: Edible, Available & Sustainable (2014), Umami: Unlocking the Secrets of the Fifth Taste (2014; in Chinese 2019), Life-As a Matter of Fat (2015), Mouthfeel: How Texture Makes Taste (2017), Octopuses, Squid and Cuttlefish: Seafood for Today and Tomorrow (2021), and The Science and Art of Pickled Vegetables: Tsukemono (2021).


Food production is a main cause of the accelerating anthropogenic changes in the Earth’s ecosystems. There is an urgent need for global changes in the food production systems throughout the food chain as well as a call for a significant reduction in food waste. Sustainable and healthy eating has hence become a key issue on the global scene. The provision for a sustainable green transition involves eating more plant-based foods. The question then arises if such foods, e.g., vegetables, are sufficiently palatable for the carnivorous human whose evolution has been driven by meat-eating and a craving for umami taste for more than two million years. Is green food sufficiently delicious for us to eat more of it?

In this presentation Dr. Mouritsen will describe an approach to sustainable eating of greens and vegetables based on culinary sciences. Plant-based raw ingredients often lack the basic tastes umami and sweet and also need special attention regarding mouthfeel. He will present a ‘taste rack’ of condiments, a kind of generalized spice rack or tasting inventory, which allows most greens and vegetables to be turned into delicious dishes by ‘umamification’ and used effectively in a flexitarian setting. Examples of selected dishes will be presented.


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