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iCANX 68 期直播预告︱东北大学的Masayoshi Esashi教授分享MEMS人生!





2021年9月10日晚 8:00(北京时间),大家期待已久的 iCANX Talks第68期即将重磅来袭,本期直播我们有幸邀请到东北大学的Masayoshi Esashi教授来到iCANX Talks讲座系列,敬请期待!

The highly expected iCANX Talks Vol.68 will be ceremoniously holed at 8:00 pm of September 10 (Beijing time).This time, we are fortunate to invite5 Professor Masayoshi Esashi from Tohoku Universityto the iCANX Talks lecture series. so stay tuned!

在前面67期iCANX Talks直播中,累计收看观众已经达到千万人次,受到了国内外专家学者的普遍好评和追捧,目前,iCANX Talks已经成为极具国际影响力的高科技云端学术峰会。

In the previous 67 weeks iCANX talks , it totally attracted close to 10 million audiences worldwide. iCANX has been highlighted by experts and audiences globally. Now, iCANX Talks already becomes a well-known and popular international high-tech online event.


Here comes the abstracts & Bios of today’s iCANX Talks!



MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) based on semiconductor microfabrication have been used for key components as sensors in various systems. I have been involved in MEMS since I was student for around half century. I will review my MEMS life in this talk focusing on circuit integration and practical applications. MEMS were integrated with homemade IC at the beginning and advanced LSI made in foundry later to add values to MEMS. Companies dispatched their employees to our laboratory and hands-on access fabrication facility. It is not easy to commercialize MEMS because MEMS are small volume in many cases and require heterogeneous knowledge and expensive facilities. I would like to introduce our open collaboration to facilitate successful MEMS commercialization.

微机电系统(Micro Electro Mechanical Systems,简称MEMS)是基于半导体加工技术的研究微型传感器和执行器的研究领域,已经有多种MEMS器件被广泛应用于手机、电脑等系统之中。我从学生时代就开始研究MEMS,大约已有半个世纪了。在本次讲座中,我将回顾我的MEMS研究生涯,重点是将MEMS与集成电路进行集成并推广到实际应用中去。MEMS最初是与自行研制的电路模块进行集成,后来又与代工厂制造的大规模集成电路LSI进行集成实现更高的价值。MEMS的商业化并不容易,因为在很多情况下,MEMS体积小、需要交叉学科知识和昂贵的设备,长期以来,我们坚持与企业合作研发的开放实验室模式,由公司派遣他们的员工到我们的实验室使用我们的设备研制自己的产品,现在正在跟我们合作的企业有280多家。我将详细介绍这种促进MEMS成功商业化的开放式合作模式。


Masayoshi Esashi received the B.E. degree in electronic engineering in 1971 and the Doctor of Engineering degree in 1976 at Tohoku University.

He served as a research associate from 1976 and an associate professor from 1981 at the Department of Electronic Engineering, Tohoku University. Since 1990 he was a professor in Department of Precision Engineering and in The World Premier International Research Center Advanced Institute for Materials Research (WPI-AIMR) and Micro System Integration Center (μSIC) later. He is now senior research fellow in the μSIC in Tohoku University and concurrently CTO in MEMS Core Co. Ltd since 2019. He was a President of Sensor-Micromachine Society in Institute of Electrical Engineers in Japan (2002-2003), a President of Japan Society of Next Generation Sensor Technology (2010~2015) and a Chairman of MEMS Park Consortium in Sendai (20042018). He served as a general co-chairman of the 4th IEEE Micro Electro Mechanical Workshop in 1991 held in Nara, Japan, as a general chairman of the 10th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors and Actuators (Transducers 99) in 1999 held in Sendai, Japan.

He has been studying microsensors, MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) and integrated microsystems.

Authored books: "Basics of semiconductor integrated circuit design" (Japanese) (1981) Baihukan,“Introduction to MEMS” (Japanese) (2011) Morikita Shuppan,“MEMS for future” (Japanese) (2016) Morikita Shuppan, “Development of massive parallel electron beam lithography system” (Japanese) (2018) Tohoku Univ. Press, “3D and Circuit Integration of MEMS” (ed.) (2021) Wiley-VCH etc.

Awards: SSDM Award (2001), Purple ribbon award (2006), IEEE Andrew S.Grove Award (2015) IEEE Jun-ichi Nishizawa medal (2016) etc.

Masayoshi Esashi于1971年在日本东北大学获得电子工程学士学位,1976年获得工程学博士学位,然后成为该校的研究助理,1981年成为副教授。自1990年起,他在精密工程系、世界一流的国际研究中心高级材料研究所(WPI-AIMR)和微系统集成中心(μSIC)担任教授。他目前是日本东北大学微系统集成中心(μSIC)的高级研究员,自2019年起兼任MEMS CORE公司的首席技术官。五十年来一直致力于微传感器、MEMS和集成微系统及其产业化的研究。

他曾担任日本电气工程师学会传感器-微机械学会会长(2002-2003)、日本下一代传感器技术学会会长(2010-2015)、仙台市MEMS Park Consortium主席(2004-2018)。他曾担任1991年在日本奈良举行的第4届IEEE MEMS国际会议主席,以及1999年在日本仙台举行的第10届国际固态传感器和执行器会议(Transducers 99)的主席。曾经获得很多重要奖项: SSDM Award(2001)、Purple ribbon Award(2006)、IEEE Andrew S.Grove Award(2015)、IEEE Jun-ichi Nishizawa medal(2016)等。出版专著若干本:《半导体集成电路设计基础》(日文)(1981)Baihukan,《MEMS导论》(日文)(2011)Morikita shupan,《MEMS的未来》(日文)(2016)Morikita shupan,《大规模平行电子束光刻系统的发展》(日文)(2018)东北大学出版社,《三维MEMS集成电路》(英文)(2021)Wiley-VCH。



Semiconductor 半导体

Homemade IC 自行研制的电路模块

同时,本次讲座也邀请了来自北京大学的张海霞教授带来精彩的主持。来自四川大学的王竹卿教授,吉林大学的王东方教授,来自东北大学的Kentaro Totsu教授,来自清华大学的李昕欣教授担任嘉宾。精彩不断,敬请期待!iCANX将继续努力,为科学交流服务,提供一个全球学术交流的顶级平台,敬请大家期待!

At the same time, this lecture also invited Professor Haixia Zhang from Peking University to bring a wonderful host.Professor Zhuqing Wang from Sichuan University, Professor Dong F. Wang from Jilin University,Professor Kentaro Totsuas from Tohoku University, and professor Xinxin Li from Tsinghua University as guests.iCANX will continue to work hard to serve scientific exchanges and provide a top platform for global academic exchanges. Please look forward to it!

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