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近日,2010年美国物理学会会士(APS Fellow)增选揭晓。在2010年新当选的会士中,有25位华人科学家。
美国物理学会(American Physical Society,APS)成立于1899年,是世界第二大物理学组织,是一个非牟利科教组织,致力通过学术刊物、会议及推广活动,探究并弘扬物理学,在全球约有四万多会员。
1.丁洪 (男,中国科学院物理研究所研究员)
Ding, Hong Chinese Academy of Sciences
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of strongly correlated materials, particularly the high-temperature superconductors.
Nominated by: Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP)
2.丁卫星 (男,美国加州大学洛杉矶分校)
Ding, Weixing University of California, Los Angeles
Citation: For seminal contributions to the measurement and understanding of magnetic fluctuation-induced transport, magnetic self-organization, and non-linear dynamics of laboratory plasmas.
Nominated by: Plasma Physics (DPP)
3.盖炜 (男,美国阿尔贡国家实验室)
Gai, Wei Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For his pioneering contributions to the wakefield acceleration of particle beams and his leadership in the development of high current electron beams for accelerator applications.
Nominated by: Physics of Beams (DPB)
4.江红星 (男,美国德州理工大学教授)
Jiang, Hongxing Texas Tech University
Citation: For his seminal works in the area of III-nitride wide bandgap semiconductors. In particular, for his significant contributions to the understanding of fundamental optical and defect properties and practical applications of III-nitrides and pioneering contributions to the field of nanophotonics.
Nominated by: Materials Physics (DMP)
5.Jin, Rongying (女,美国路易斯安那州立大学副教授)
Louisiana State University
Citation: For her significant contributions to materials physics, including science-driven materials development and pioneering studies of their underlying physics.
Nominated by: Materials Physics (DMP)
6.Kiang, Ching-Hwa (女,美国莱斯大学助理教授)
Rice University
Citation: For her work in experimental biological physics, especially for studying molecular interactions of nucleic acids and proteins using nanoscale probes, and for the discovery of single-walled carbon nanotubes.
Nominated by: Biological Physics (DBP)
7.Liu, Amy (女,美国乔治敦大学教授)
Georgetown Unversity
Citation: For her innovative and influential computational studies of the electronic, structural, and vibrational properties of solids, and of electron-phonon interactions, with applications to ultra-hard materials; high-pressure phases; fullerenes, nanotubes, and related compounds; and novel superconductors.、
Nominated by: Computational Physics (DCOMP)
8.Luo, Li-Shi (男,美国奥多明尼昂大学特聘教授)
Old Dominion University
Citation: For his seminal contributions to the theoretical understanding and applications of the lattice Boltzmann equation and other kinetic methods.
Nominated by: Fluid Dynamics (DFD)
9.马恩 (男,美国约翰斯霍普金斯大学教授)
Ma, En Johns Hopkins University
Citation: For pathbreaking research and outstanding publications on metastable, amorphous, and nanocrystalline metals and alloys, and international outreach in the metallic materials field.
Nominated by: Materials Physics (DMP)
10.Qian, Hong (男,美国华盛顿大学教授)
University of Washington
Citation: For his original contributions to statistical non-equilibrium thermodynamics, particularly in connections to single-molecule fluctuations and the roles of energy and noise in living systems.
Nominated by: Biological Physics (DBP)
11.邱子强 (男,美国加州大学伯克利分校教授)
Qiu, Zi Q. University of California, Berkeley
Citation: For outstanding experiments to understand the two-dimensional magnetic origin, anisotropy and quantum size effect in magnetic nanostructures, and for the development of novel approaches involving wedged samples, curved substrates and the Surface Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect.
Nominated by: Magnetism & Its Applications (GMAG)
12.施安昌 (男,加拿大麦克马斯特大学教授)
Shi, Anchang McMaster University
Citation: For outstanding contributions to the theoretical study of phases and phase transitions of block copolymers.
Nominated by: Polymer Physics (DPOLY)
13.汤朝晖 (男,台湾“中央研究院”)
Tang, Jau Academia Sinica
Citation: For his contributions in elucidating the structure and the radical-pair mechanism of photosynthetic systems, photoinduced charge transfer and blinking in single nanocrystals, as well as in developing multi-quantum NMR and linear prediction filtering techniques, and for his work on nonblinking and less toxic nanostructures for biophotonics.
Nominated by: Biological Physics (DBP)
14.汤雷翰 (男,香港浸会大学教授)
Tang, Lei-Han Hong Kong Baptist University
Citation: For his pioneering contributions to statistical physics, especially in equilibrium and non-equilibrium critical phenomena and soft matter.
Nominated by: Statistical & Nonlinear Physics (GSNP)
15.Tao, NJ (男,美国亚利桑那州立大学教授)
Arizona State University
Citation: For pioneering and innovative contribution to the science and technology of molecular and nanoelectronics, electrochemical based nanofabrications, and chemical sensors.
Nominated by: Industrial and Applied Physics (FIAP)
16.童澎尔 (男,香港科技大学教授)
Tong, Penger Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Citation: For his insightful experiments to elucidate interesting new physics in turbulent thermal convection and soft matter systems, and his many contributions to the development of international research and education in experimental physics.
Nominated by: International Physics (FIP)
17.Wang, Fuqiang  (男,美国普度大学教授)
Purdue University
Citation: For his pioneering studies of jet-medium interactions in relativistic heavy ion collisions.
Nominated by: Nuclear Physics (DNP)
18.Wang, Jin (美国阿尔贡国家实验室)
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For contributions tot he understanding of nanoparticle/polymer thin films and superlattices, and for the development of time-resolved X-ray methods for characterizing the structure of dense liquid sprays.
Nominated by: Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP)
19.Wang, Jin (男,纽约州立大学石溪分校教授)
SUNY-Stony Brook
Citation: For his pioneering contributions to equilibrium and non-equilibrium biological physics, in protein folding, biomolecular recognition, single-molecule statistical fluctuations and cellular networks.
Nominated by: Biological Physics (DBP)
20.王循礼 (男,美国橡树岭国家实验室高级科学家)
Wang, Xun-Li Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Citation: For sustained contribution in neutron diffraction studies of structure, phase transformations, and mechanical behavior in materials and engineering systems and leadership in the design and construction of a versatile engineering diffractometer at the Spallation Neutron Source.
Nominated by: Industrial and Applied Physics (FIAP)
21.吴咏时 (男,美国犹他大学特聘教授)
Wu, Yong-Shi University of Utah
Citation: For his contributions to the mathematical foundations of quantum physics --- particularly for his work establishing profound connections between the physical laws and topology and geometry.
Nominated by: Particles and Fields (DPF)
22.夏克青 (男,香港中文大学教授)
Xia, Keqing Chinese University of Hong Kong
Citation: For his tremendous contributions to our present experimental knowledge and understanding of turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection.
Nominated by: Fluid Dynamics (DFD)
23.Xu, Jingming (男,美国布朗大学教授)
Brown University
Citation: For contributions to advances in industrial optoelectronics, sensor materials and bionanoelectronic.
Nominated by: Industrial and Applied Physics (FIAP)
24.许长补 (男,美国布鲁克海文国家实验室研究员)
Xu, Zhangbu Brookhaven National Laboratory
Citation: For major contributions in the study of high density nuclear matter at RHIC, especially the development of improved technologies for particle identification, and new techniques for the reconstruction of short-lived resonances culminating in the discovery of the heaviest known anti-nucleus, the anti-hypertriton.
Nominated by: Nuclear Physics (DNP)
25.周焕祥 (男,美国佛罗里达州立大学教授)
Zhou, Huan-Xiang Florida State University
Citation: For his pioneering contributions to theoretical and computational biophysics, in particular by developing elegent theories and methods on protein-ligand binding and the effects of intracellular environment on biophysical properties of proteins.
Nominated by: Biological Physics (DBP)
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